United Inn to meet the Chinese tourists consider withdrawal of white tipping in

In new network on 10 February, according to USA Qiaobao compile reports, in the Houston crown Holiday Suites Hotel (Crowne Plaza Suites) General ManagerRimichael Gupta (Michael Udayan), if can let visitors feel Guests feel at home. Chinese, then they will become a regular.

According to The Associated Press (AP) report, now China tourists, Houston has become the fastest growing consumer groups of tourists, the strongest. For the To attract more Chinese tourists, tourism officials for the hotel to provide ideas, cultural advice, so as to ensure that the Houston every year millions of dollars Yuan in economic returns.

Respect Chinese cultural taboos Hotel removed white tourism officials mentioned, in Chinese, two people meet, a Sentence warm greeting is very important, so the United Inn should hire some Chinese fluent staff. On the other hand, understanding China culturally Bogey is also very important. In China, white symbolizes death. So, the lobby of United Inn placed flowers should be removed. In the recent The meeting, the greater Houston Convention Tourism Bureau (GHCVB) staff George Franz (Jorge Franz) told the hotel executives, not To you’ll find out, Chinesehello will become extremely useful greeting.

Because of the Beijing flight in Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport (Bush Intercontinental Airport) flight has opened more quickly, China visitors to Houston tourism. Now, Chinese Texas and Houston have become the eighth international tourist groups, only 5 years ago, China tourists not to enter the top 20. In 2013, The Westin Hotel Galleria (WestinGalleria Hotel) has started training China customs to the front-line staff.

The hotel market Sales director John Oakley (John Oakley) said, according to the city‘s tax records that, compared to the other groups of tourists, in The visitors of the purchasing power of the strongest. Houstonszent Regis Hotel (St. Regis Houston) of the director of sales and marketing Matthew Wise Li (Matthew Vesely) said, in order to cater to the China tourist cultural tradition, Chinese tourists wherever he went, the hotel will take white. Experts recommend that hotel for tipsname change at present, Houston conference tourism bureau and China International Airlines (Air China) are tourism projects attract more tourists, China. The arrangements for the trip includes a visit to a local farm, can even watch The Houston rockets. After coming to Houston, a lot of China visitors expressed his feeling of surprise. In 2013 January, at the age of 31 Zhu Lili (ZhuLili, transliteration) to Houston out of tolerance.

She was here air and convenient traffic is very satisfactory, think Houston is the most Excellent tourism city. The Houston Hotel Association (Hotel and Lodging Association of Greater Houston) President Stephanie Haines (StephanieHaynes) think, Chinese International Airlines offers flights to Houston has helped the local wine Shop attract many tourists Chinese. However, he also pointed out that the sea, China tourists and European tourists, cultural habits are different, and the Houston Brigade Tourism practitioners had been facing European tourists. He thinks, to Houston China most visitors do not speak English, like group travel. Their average stay beautiful time for 35 nights, to each big USA city sightseeing. Chinese tourists very high requirements for accommodation, on political affairs and The government is interested in. In the view of the sea Loch, Chinese may think tipping some rude, so the hotel should consider the bill Add a service charge fees. The 43 year old Sun Menghan (Sun Meng Han, transliteration) from Taiwan. In 2013 July, because of her The child to American in NASA space programs (NASA space camp), she remained 9 days in American time.We are like The food here, I also like shopping, Houston residents are very friendly. We would also like to come back to Houston, because we haven’t looked at the forest Lin (Jeremy Lin) game. She said.

The tenth ISPO BEIJING to lead the new fashion tide equipment

Looking for the most advanced sports equipment? Search most avant-garde movement around? The most exciting experience extreme sports? As long as you love sports, love outdoors, interested in nature, ISPO BEIJING 2014 Tenth Asian sports and fashion show are band to beat all give you pleasure! ISPO BEIJING 2014 will be held February 19-22 in Beijing National Convention Center held a grand. From around the world nearly 600 high-end outdoor, winter and extreme sports brands will gather in the National Conference Center, with more high-tech products, is the world’s leading technology, to bring a new surprise.

The durable and lightweight SPEEDCROSS fast S-LAB SENSE low idea ingenious combination, can meet the requirements of the success of athletes long-distance cross-country running shoes, simple Messenger, carrying a notebook computer and mobile device and, when the famous skateboard and a hundred years to create a joint slide guitar manufacturer and how to bring new ideas? All the answers are in the ISPO BEIJING Asia sports and fashion exhibition!

This is the tenth year ISPO into the Asian market movement, the exhibition to attract to include ADIDAS, BLACKYAK, BURTON, CAMELBAK, HAGLÖ FS, LOWA, MAMMUT, MICO, NORTHLAND, OAKLEY, SALOMON, TECNICA, VASQUE, VIBRAM and other international top brands full display, as well as KINGCAMP, KAILAS, Lining exploration, camel, Mu Gaodi, the Pathfinder and many other famous local brands to participate in. GOPRO, MILLET, ODLO, PEAK, PORFORMANCE and other well-known international brand is also the first heavy attack Chinese market.

In order to celebrate and commemorate the industry ten years of development, ISPO BEIJING exclusive custom Limited Edition Silver badge, will also be presented to show the profound his people. Whether it is to grow together with ISPO BEIJING brands or channels, or ten years not to have missed the exhibition the faithful audience, are likely to get a few silver badge. The tenth ISPO BEIJING will bring new China NEW China cutting-edge design brand launch area, showing “Chinese innovation strength for the sporting goods industry. The exhibition will be announced in more global movement of industry innovation award ISPO AWARD selection results. The functional textiles fashion trend area, gathered nearly 300 pieces of ISPO functional textile fashion trends winner products. The audience can not only observe here these cutting-edge fabric close, can touch the real, direct feeling of fabrics.

To boost Asian sports goods market in tenth years, ISPO BEIJING has been trying to promote the exhibition with the development of the market. In ten years, the exhibition not only for many high-end international brands provides driving and shortcut, based China market open to the international markets for China local brands, more unremittingly to provide annual industry report, analysis vary from minute to minute market information, provide an important reference for the industry market. ISPO BEIJING exposition has become China sports goods industry once a year can not miss the industry event. ISPO ten years to grow with you! We Be There Or Be Square with you in Beijing!

For two consecutive years as athletes attended the known as “the Oscar Laurence sports after the ceremony, Lin Dan [micro-blog] for the first time this year won the Laurence for best comeback award nomination. The Laurence Committee announced on Wednesday, he will be with the Spanish tennis star Roger Nadal, Brazil footballer Ronaldinho, NBA star Parke [] and other athletes micro-blog contention final award. World Championships last year Lin Dan had a half year after the ceasefire, still won the world championship singles champion. This feat, he also took aim at the 2016 Olympic Games in rio. However, the World Badminton Federation shortly before each association games [micro-blog] singles badminton number reduced to 2, which means the end of a return to the national team Lin Dan wants to get the qualification will have to pay more efforts. Monday night, in an interview in Shanghai, Lin Dan spoke frankly that he does not consider the entertainment circle, the only goal is to get the Rio Olympics tickets. The Lin Dan as America sports glasses Oakley the world Chinese spokesperson to sign. Quite coincidentally as a fashion trendsetter, Lin Dan first enters the IBF Tour Finals in the occupation career, in Philippines, bought a Oakley glasses to myself. Now Lin Dan covered a wide range, he is shooting a film about his documentary.I want to make a very real and inspirational documentary about Lin Dan. To allow more went to the cinema to young people see a China players grew up to a champion has many stories and not easy. Lin Dan said he hopes to let more people through this documentary film: sports influence not only gold but a kind of sports spirit.

Tour de France to pay tribute to the great release limited edition Oakley glasses tournament series

A time when the Tour de France is about to start on the occasion, the world’s leading sports brand Oakley ( Oakley ) Tour de France officially released a limited edition series of glasses , Oakley Retailers wrapped art technology , innovation and subvert the traditional , and the Tour de France fans worldwide to join the festivities . This limited edition series collar law

Column glasses designed to pay tribute to these great events to attend elite products, including two pairs of new color sport sunglasses Radarlock, Half Jacket 2.0 XL and a pair of casual sunglasses Fuel Cell.

Any high-speed motion and need endurance and explosive moment of the match for the visual requirements are very high , so proud of Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology has been favored by many players , only tournament in 2012 , the total

Standings before the Tour de France riders have seven 10 selected series including Radarlock including Oakley glasses .

” Tour de France experienced players hone thousands of kilometers , with strong faith and courage to show strong performance of the soul .” Oakley CEO Colin • Global Powell (Colin Baden) said, ” They go through thousands

Challenge hundred times , they used to ride light up the whole city. Tour de France needs that challenge themselves, and constantly subvert the spirit, and Oakley are also constantly use innovation to help them complete their mission. ”

The release of Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Radarlock and two Tour de France limited edition sports sunglasses , each inspired by the French flag, there is a corner of the lens ring method exclusive limited edition laser engraved markings. And ,

The two pairs of glasses have Switchlock quick change lens technology , players can choose a suitable color lens based on the actual environmental needs ; mirror legs and Unobtainium nose pads have adopted non-slip rubber material, greatly improved

When athletes sweat grip frame and between the skin resulting in fierce competition and can effectively Oakley Factory Outlet prevent the glasses slip displacement .

Tour de France Limited Edition Radarlock polished black frame with red and blue highlights with the temple . Lens kit with two lenses are optimized lens has a wide field of vision and good permeability pores designs. Which uses a lens G40

Lens technology , whether plain or in low light conditions , can make athletes immediate thing at a glance ; while another deputy can strengthen red coated lenses eliminate glare in the sun , filtering unwanted light, so Oakley improve contrast vision

Degree of optical technology in the application of the two pairs of lenses have been fully applied .

Another limited edition of the Tour de France Sports Sunglasses – Half Jacket 2.0 XL, which increase the lens design is not only able to get a broader perspective , but also to ensure that a wider range of eye protection perimeter . Black Glasses kit includes plating

Film lenses can effectively eliminate glare and balance light penetration , in order to improve clarity of vision and contrast ; another deputy also uses lenses to optimize vision technology that allows the wearer can easily deal with situations in a variety of lighting conditions.

In the suite , Oakley also two vice limited edition sports sunglasses specially customized Microclear glasses bag , on top of the original technology background pattern with Oakley Tour de France official logo of each other, Oakleys side pockets can also be used to store a second deputy

Lens , thus highlighting the details of the design of Oakley everywhere.

For a long time , Oakley eyewear has been committed to excellence in the integration of technology and personalized fashion . So, the Tour de France in a limited edition series also released a casual sunglasses – Fuel Cell, which uses a unique streamline design,

Polished black mirror legs Oakley technology elements embedded pattern . The red and blue stripes Oakley metal logo also demonstrates the origin of France and this international event. In addition , Fuel Cell lenses with laser engraving of the same corner of the Tour de France race

Unique mark . To commemorate the event began in 1903 Tour de France , so the inside of the temple has hosted a unique mark on this glorious year . Oakley glasses for the selection of the black section coated lenses can effectively eliminate glare , balance light, and thus

Provide a clear vision and improved contrast. On Microclear glasses bag pattern supplied with a chic biker silhouette , combined with red and blue background design not only looks unique , but also can be used for cleaning and storing glasses.

Revo sunglasses brand Oakley sell to Sequential

Italian eyewear maker Luxottica Group SpA (MTA: LUX, NYSE: LUX). Lu Xun ladder Card Group brand Oakley Inc Oakley has been to the U.S. brand management company Sequential Brands Group Inc.

(OTC: SQGB) sell sunglasses Oakley Retailers brand Revo, trading at U.S. $ 20 million in cash .

Revo eyewear brand belonging to high-end performance . The brand was founded in 1985 , Ray-Ban 1999 Ray-Ban as part of the acquisition of Luxottica Group SpA (MTA: LUX: LUX, NYSE), after being transferred to the Group’s acquisition in 2007 of

Oakley Inc. Oakley ‘s . After dispose Revo, Luxottica Group SpA (MTA: LUX, NYSE: LUX) high- performance eyewear brand portfolio also includes Ray-Ban Ray-Ban and Persol.

The transaction is Sequential Brands Group Inc. (OTC: SQGB) fourth merger cases within a year , and it is our brand portfolio eighth brands. In early December last year ,Oakley Factory Outlet  the Group of U.S. $ 63.2 million in cash per share of about $ 2.25 to close

Share Heelys brand Heelys (Nasdaq: HLYS). In April this year , the group again to $ 62.3 million in cash and 280 million shares of common stock from Brand Matter Sequential hands acquisitions and women’s brand Ellen Tracy clothing brand

Caribbean Joe, due Sequential Brands Group Inc (OTC: SQBG) at the closing price on March 26 for $ 7 , making 280 million shares of common stock price at the time the transaction was $ 19.6 million , so the total price of the transaction Baghdad 81900000

Dollars. In addition the Group also has three core brands, including by the U.S. pop star Justin Timberlake co-founded the denim brand William Rast, sports footwear and apparel brand DVS Shoes denim brand People’s

Liberation. According to WWD data , these six brands in retail revenues of $ 1 billion , 50 agents Royalty revenues of $ 23 million -2500 ten thousand U.S. dollars , EBITAD profit margin of 50 %.

Sequential Brands Group Inc (OTC: SQGB). CEO Yehuda Shmidman Revo expressed interest to join outdoor clothing , outdoor footwear and outdoor equipment product lines .

Revo Group and affiliated to Luxottica Group SpA. (MTA: LUX, NYSE: LUX) glasses retailer Sunglass Hut International Inc signed a long-term cooperation agreement and authorize the eyewear manufacturer B.

Robinson is responsible for the production of Revo eyewear and related products. Yehuda Shmidman brand in the coming years is expected to reach $ 100 million in sales .

Sequential Brands Group Inc. (OTC: SQGB) 2013 second quarter net income of $ 693,000 , 4 cents per diluted share , compared with a net loss of $ 878,000 last year , the United States and diluted loss per share of 37 points.

Luxottica Group SpA (MTA: LUX, NYSE: LUX) 2013 second quarter results of fiscal year quarter Oakleys Group sales Lu Xun ladder Card Group on July 25 released for the first time exceeded 20 billion euros, reached 2.018 billion euros , up 7.2% constant

Exchange rate under 9.4% increase , in line with market expectations ; net profit 194 million euros from the same period last year increased by 9.4% to € 212 million , diluted earnings per share of 0.45 euros , 0.42 euros over the same period last year by 7.6% more .

Oakley formally charged McIlroy 60 million bid not shake Nike

According to the Associated Press, Oakley (Oakley) [ microblogging ] has been formally indicted famous golfer McIlroy [ microblogging ] and Nike , that they violated their rights.

Oakley is well-known Oakley Retailers apparel and eyewear manufacturer , has sponsored the world number one golfer before it . December 10 , Santa Ana , California them (Santa Ana) filed a lawsuit in federal court , they said among contract with McIlroy have a ” right of first refusal .” The so-called ” right of first refusal ” also called ” right of first refusal ” , simply put, is that they are not ready to sign , the rights of others to contract .

Oakley argued that while McIlroy and his agent Connor – Ridge (Conor Ridge) rejected their bid tied Nike counteroffer .

According to reports, Nike and McIlroy ready to sign the total amount of $ 200,000,000 ( Another report said that $ 250 million ) contract packaging decade ,Oakley Factory Outlet  including clothing , shoes, golf equipment and more. Oakley said in its indictment of their counter-offer price is 30% of Nike packaging , in other words that is $ 60 million . ( Note: Oakley ‘s contract does not involve the ball with , etc. So lower the total amount . )

According to ESPN ‘s official website reported , Oakley said McIlroy refuses to renew them caused ” irreparable ” damage with them , they have the right to seek injunction to stop Nike and McIlroy completion of the contract . Oakley also said that they had invested $ 300,000 for shooting product photos, Oakleys and pictures of the product from the original plan in 2013 McIlroy endorsement.

” McIlroy has completed all obligations Oakley , they have no basis for prosecution .” McIlroy brokerage firm Horizon Sports Management Company (Horizon Sports Management) accepted an interview with ESPN , when the official website said.